The Huamei Academy at DAIS - Frequently Asked Question

1. Who can apply to Huamei? Is there a deadline for submitting application? 

The Huamei Academy accepts applications from Chinese national students. We offer a “rolling” admissions policy and will consider applications throughout the academic year.

For admission procedures and requirements please visit or contact admissions office at (86) 411 8757 2000 ext. 506、522、7409.

2. Our child was born overseas, but we are from China. May our child attend Huamei?

Any 14-18 year old Chinese national student may apply to The Huamei Academy. We have strong EAL support, an American standards-based curriculum, and serve grades 9-12 only. If the student holds a foreign passport, we suggest they consider applying to the Dalian American International School which offers grades pre-k through 12.

3. What is the difference between the Dalian American International School and The Huamei Academy?

Dalian American International School serves expatriate students (grades pre-k thru 12) who hold a foreign passport and wish to continue their education while residing in the Dalian, China area. The Huamei Academy at Dalian American International School serves Chinese national students (grades 9-12) and prepares them for further study at colleges and universities abroad. Both schools offer a standards-based American curriculum and diploma.

4. Why do Chinese national students attend The Huamei Academy?

To study an American international curriculum, grades 9-12, that prepares them to attend colleges and universities abroad. Included in the curriculum is intensive English language study, core academic classes and a choice of course electives. They also learn a great deal about American culture and history by their work in and out of the classroom—and by sharing other learning experiences with our international students. The Huamei Academy also offers students opportunities to participate in team sports, student government, and encourages them to assume leadership positions in their class. These experiences will help them prepare for successful college and university study abroad.

5. Where are the Huamei teachers from?

100% of our current Huamei teachers are from the United States (excluding our Chinese Mandarin teachers). They are all certified, hold advanced degrees in their field of study, and have years of experience in classroom teaching.

6. What is the style of teaching?

Huamei teachers focus on a research-intensive, often project-based learning style. Students are encouraged to thoroughly investigate, analyze and discuss specific class topics. This method of study ultimately results in student’s achieving mastery of the content and, further, being able to demonstrate that mastery.

7. Do students live in a dormitory?

Most Huamei students do live in safe and comfortable on-campus student housing, sharing apartments and eating their meals with each other. Each day is structured to provide the proper nourishment, physical activity, rest, and classroom and study time needed to be a successful and contributing student.

8. Does Huamei offer transportation to and from school?

Yes, The Huamei Academy provides transportation to and from school. We currently have one van and three mid-size buses operating in the downtown Dalian area and one mid-size and three large buses operating in the DDA (Dalian Development Area), as well as one large bus operating in Jinshitan area.

9. Is there testing required for admission into The Huamei Academy? How long does that test take?

Yes. We test applicant’s English listening, reading, and writing skills along with mathematics testing. There is also a personal interview. The testing will take approximately three hours.

10. How can we arrange a visit/tour of the Huamei Academy?

We encourage and hope that you do visit us. Please contact admissions office at (86) 411 8757 2000 ext. 506、522、7409; or email at admission  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

11. What address should I post the applications to?

Please EMS/FedEx the applications and supporting documents to:

Admissions Office

The Huamei Academy at Dalian American International School

2 Dianchi Road, Golden Pebble Beach National Resort

Development Area, Dalian 116650




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