Fee Schedule 2018-2019

For tuition and fee payment information, please contact to our Finance Office via telephone us at (86-411) 8757 2000.

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The payment options and corresponding school attendance periods are shown below. Tuition is not pro-rated and the payment date is not aligned with school terms. Tuition may be paid in one, two or three installments. The two and three payment plans include a handling fee of 3% and 5% respectively. The one-payment option is the only plan that allows a tuition refund for early withdrawal.

Type of Payment Plan
with due Date
One annual payment due by
May 31
Two payments due by:
May 31 and Nov. 20
Three payments due by:
May 31, Nov. 20, & Feb. 28
Payment Amount by Plan

RMB 193,000

RMB 99,400 (X2)

RMB 67,550 (X3)


  One Annual Payment Two Payments Three payments
Eligibility of School
Attendance by Payment
May 31 payment covers:
(08/09/2018 - 06/06/2019)
May 31 payment covers:
(08/09/2018 - 11/20/2018)
Nov. 20 payment covers:
(11/21/2018 - 06/06/2019)
May 31 payment covers:
(08/09/2018 - 11/20/2018)
Nov. 20 payment covers:
(11/21/2018 - 02/28/2019)
Feb. 28 payment covers:
(03/01/2019 - 06/06/2019)

* Tuition fees are subject to review and change annually.

Other Required Fees

  • RMB 1,800 - The Application Fee (non-refundable) is due at the time of application.
  • RMB 10,000 - Enrollment / Re-enrollment Deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. (Enrollment / Re-enrollment deposit ensures students a seat for the next year. It is due upon acceptance, or by April 20, 2018 for retuning students. This fee can only be applied to the last tuition payment of the school year. It is non-transferable for students who withraw early.

Optional Fees

  • School lunch [RMB 30/meal] - RMB 5,370/school year
  • Medical insurance - RMB 180/school year
  • Bus transportation - [Varies by location]
  • Dormitory Fees

    Dormitory / 5 days [RMB 12,000/semester] - RMB 22,000/School Year
    Dormitory / 7 days [RMB 14,000/semester] - RMB 26,500/School Year

    Average monthly utility allowance included. Units exceeding the monthly allowance will be billed accordingly. Please consult Dormitory Handbook for details.
    Students have the option to move into the dormitory at the start of school or on Jan. 11, 2019, if space is available. New late-entry dormitory student will be pro-rated by month.

  • School Breakfast & School Dinner - RMB 7,970/School Year

    Breakfast and dinner fees include breakfast Monday through Friday, and dinners Monday through Thursday, excluding school holidays. The fee also includes Thanksgiving Dinner, Chinese New Year’s Dinner and meals during the two day Dormitory Team Building Orientation.
    Please refer to the meal calendar in the Dormitory Handbook for specific dates. This is a one-time annual fee, and is not refundable for any missed meals.

  • Guided Study Time - RMB 6,500/School Year

    Under the supervision of classroom teachers, GST guides students to develop good study habits, expand on their English skill development and provide assistance for homework completion. Mandatory participation is required for all dormitory students. Juniors (Grade 11) may opt out and gain independent study privileges based on Principal’s recommendation after the first semester. Similarly, Seniors (Grade 12) are eligible for this privilege at the beginning of the school year.


  • Dorm Student Weekend Transportation (Optional)

    Dalian - RMB 5,000/School Year
    DDA - RMB 3,000/School Year

Payment Method and Details

  • Payment can be made through bank deposit or bank transfer to one of the following school’s accounts:
    Name of Bank
    Name of Bank
    Account Name
    Account Name
    Account Number
    Account Number
  • Huamei requires that all school fees be paid in full in RMB. For payment from an overseas bank account, please contact the Finance Office. Any bank or remittance charges incurred are the responsibility of the payer.
  • For prompt and accurate recording, please forward the bank deposit/remittance slip with student’s full name to our Finance Office. TEL: 8757 2000 #417, FAX: 8791 5656, OR EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • In the case of financial delinquency, all school records will be withheld. Tuition not paid by the due date is subject to 5% late charge of the total unpaid tuition. Any student whose tuition is outstanding for more than 5 working days may not attend school until the payment is made.

Tuition Adjustment for Late Entry

The initial tuition payment for enrollment on or after October 1st will be prorated on a monthly basis inclusive of the entry month. The proration is calculated on a 10-month period. Any subsequent payment shall be due according to the applicable payment schedule. The two-payment plan includes a handling fee of 3%.

Withdrawal and Refund Schedule

For withdrawal during the school year, a 30-calendar day written notification to the Admissions Office is required in writing. Failure to do so will result in the loss of any tuition refund. In the case of expulsion from School or Dormitory due to violation of school regulations, Tuition and/or Dormitory Fees are non-refundable.

  • Tuition: For parents who have paid the full year’s tuition in one payment, please refer to the following tuition refund schedule.
Date of Withdrawal Tuition Refund
Within 14 Calendar Days from the begining of the school year 100% of the tuition (minus the enrollment or re-enrollment fee) will be refunded with all unpaid fees deducted.
Before or on November 20, 2018 40% of the tuition (minus the enrollment or re-enrollment fee) will be refunded with all unpaid fees deducted.
Before or on February 28, 2019 20% of the tuition (minus the enrollment or re-enrollment fee) will be refunded with all unpaid fees deducted.
After March 01, 2019 No refund
  • Bus Transportation Fee: A minimum of a 30-day written notice to the Front Office is required for cancelling bus transportation. Without such notice, families are subject to an additional month of bus transportation fee. Students who paid in full and decided to cancel the weekend bus transportation on or before January 14 will receive a refund of RMB 2,500 (Dalian route), or RMB 1,500 (DDA route). There will be no refund after January 14.
  • Dormitory Fees:A 30-day written notice to the Dormitory Director is required for dormitory cancellation. Students who paid in full and vacate the dormitory on or before January 14 will receive a refund of RMB 10,000 (5-day boarders), or RMB 12,500 (7-day boarders), with all unpaid fees deducted. There will be no refund after January 14.
  • School Breakfast & School Dinner:Meal fees are prorated and refundable based on the student’s dormitory cancellation date.


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