Administration and Staff

Over 50 foreign administrators and faculty teach at The Huamei Academy and Dalian American International School.

The administrators and teachers have international experience from all over the world.

Many possess advanced teaching certificates and college degrees, and have obtained Master and Doctorate degrees.


Administrative Staff

  Blair Lee – Head of School
Blair is a versatile, dedicated, and student-focused professional with more than 20 years of experience in educational leadership. Throughout his career, he has successfully created supportive learning communities by developing a positive school culture, supporting and leading professional growth for faculty and staff, implementing instructional strategies and assessment tools that help students find success, and partnering with parents. His previous international experience includes positions at the American International School of Kuwait, Mount Zaagham International School and Seoul Foreign School. Blair holds an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from Lehigh University (USA), an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership from the University of Regina (Canada), and a B.Ed. from the University of Saskatchewan (Canada). Blair is excited to join the community at Dalian American International School along with his wife, Kim, and two teenage sons, Hudson and Maguire.
  Nathan Burton - Principal for the Secondary Divisions
Nathan Burton is a twenty-four year veteran with degrees in Business Education and School Administration. Nathan is a North Carolina native and world traveler, who is passionate about service learning, global citizenry and problem-based learning. Nathan's professional experience includes two years at Covenant Christian School (K-8) as a middle school teacher, 17 years at Paisley International Baccalaureate Magnet School (grades 6-10) as a teacher, athletic director and administrator, and five years at John F. Kennedy High School as assistant principal. Nathan has also served as a volleyball and track coach and is a certified tennis professional with the United States Professional Tennis Registry. Whether as a coach, teacher or administrator, Nathan is dedicated to building efficacy in students and teachers.
  Ryne Holstrom - Assistant Principal for the Secondary Divisions
  Audrey Wong - Director of Business Development & Communications
  Tiffany Wei - Business Manager

School Faculty

  Adam Coyer
    Amanda Stark
    Amy Hill

Ana Baltatecu

    Angelia Guan
  Annie Cui
  Ben Beach
  Brian Sylvester
    Bryan Mcloughlin
  Christina Rodriguez
  Douglas Armstrong
  Emily Foster
  Fabian Sanchez
  Grace Holstrom
  Douglas Armstrong
  Gregory Troutman
  Holli Niesner
  Iris Jia
  Jennifer Sylvester
  Joel Sparks
  Jordan Reed
  Julie Yue
  Justin Sheehan
  Kevin Stofocik
  Logan Bryant
  Douglas Armstrong
  Marta Montaforte Perez
  Mary Porter
  Matthew Krakowski
  Melody Gifford
  Michael Fowler
  Michael Kuropatwinski
  Michael Loughran
  Michele Milan
  Olga van Doorn
  Michael Fowler
  Oliver Bernabe
  Paul Ryker
  Pierre Ice
  Pradeep Malik
  Rachel Armstrong
  Rachel West
  Robert Rojas
  Rowena Liu
  Shane Twaddell
  Shirley Wang
  Sonsie Ang
  Svotlana Ulyakhina
  Terry Horn
  Timothy Sim
  William Gray



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