The Huamei Academy at Dalian American International School is housed in a purpose built facility that provides over 8,000 sq. meters of learning space and enhances the delivery of high quality programs in the arts and sciences. In addition to spacious, well resourced classrooms, the school has a secondary science lab, elementary science lab, computer lab, library/media center, dance studio, and large indoor spaces for active play during inclement weather.

All classrooms have computers with connections to the internet. Many classrooms have LCD projectors to enhance the learning environment.

The campus has 24 hour security, 7 days a week and it is also monitored by video cameras.

All entrances to the building, with the exception of the main entrance are electronically locked during the school day. All entrance/exit points can be opened by students and staff during an emergency.


  World Class Facilities Including Classrooms, Labs, Studios, Library, Gymnasium, Cafe, and Dormitory
  Advanced Instructional Technology Infrasructure
  International Quality Books and Instructional Resources
  International Health and Safety Standards


  Strong ELL Teacher Support
  Safe and Opportunity-Rich Environment for English Acquisition
  High Teahcer to Student Ratio
  Small Classrooms
  Foster Honor, Respect, and Responsibility
  Promote Higher Level Thinking by Encouraging Analytical Observations, Creative Ideas, and Critical Evaluationas


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