Address & Office Numbers:

The Huamei Academy
Dalian American International School
No. 2 Dianchi Road
Golden Pebble Beach National Resort
Dalian Development Area
P.R. China, P.C. 116650

PH: (86-411) 8757 2000
FAX: (86-411) 8791 5656

Direction from Dalian Development Area:

Take the main road from the Dalian Development Area (DDA or KaiFaQu) to Golden Pebble Beach (JinShiTan).

About one (1) kilometer after you pass the main entrance to the Golden Pebble Beach National Resort, you will approach two roads that turn to the left. Look for signs directing you to the American School and The Hunting Club. Take the second road, which will take you immediately into a tunnel. The tunnel will go under the main road you just turned off of and put you on the other side of the Light Rail tracks.

After you emerge from the tunnel, you will go about 200m and then turn right at the curb. (Be sure to turn right on the main road, not the small road into the camping area.)

Follow this road till it ends at the school gates.

(*** Get driving direction from Google Map)


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