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  Brandon Varco
    Erin Wise-Ackenbom
Erin Wise is new to China but so far loves the experience. She comes to Huamei from Virginia by way of Egypt. She has lived and taught in Egypt for the last three years. Erin is an ELL teacher at Huamei Academy. She was educated at Geneseo State University and Cortland State University, and graduated with degrees in Special Education, Elementary Education, and Reading Education. She has been a reading specialist as well as a specialist in schools from Alaska, NY, Guam and Virginia. She brings expertise in the collaborative and co-teaching learning environments. 

Joy Jiang
Joy Jiang is the Mandarin teacher for The Huamei Academy and DAIS. She joined the Huamei teaching community in 2011. Before coming to the Huamei Academy Joy Jiang earned a bachelor's degree of journalism and a master's degree of history at Bohai University in Liaoning Province. She studied news editing and writing at Fudan University in Shanghai and Tsinghua University in Beijing.
She has also completed an internship at a television station, which even furthered her understanding of the media and enriched her experiences.
She has also competed and placed in a speech contest and host competition. She loves Chinese history, she visited China's historic cities to research the historical sites of cultural relics. She also loves literature. She also believes China's long history and splendid literature have an organic integration. Joy is excited to be a part of the Huamei team and take on the challenges and rewards of teaching. She enjoys bringing the style of a liveliness and enthusiasm to the class. She is determined to combine Chinese traditional education and open American education.

    Michael Fowler
Michael Fowler graduated from San Diego State University in 2004 with a degree in psychology and biology with emphasis in neuroscience and human physiology. While completing coursework for his bachelor's degree, as well as his teaching credential, he took up a two year internship in the forensic toxicology division of the San Diego County Medical Examiner's Office. By the end of this internship he had attained his teaching credential in integrated science as well as the life sciences. He taught for two years in a San Diego City middle school before coming to DAIS in the fall of 2007. Mr. Fowler believes in a hands-on inquiry based approach to science, where students learn important skills and techniques through scientific questioning and creation of their own experiments.


  Peter Wang
This is Peter Wang’s first year at Dalian American International School as one of a six teacher Mandarin team. Mr. Peter has a Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese Literature and Language from Changchun Normal University. He taught for two years in Dalian International Dancing School and Liao Ning Technology University before coming to DAIS.The majority of his career has been spent teaching Chinese Literature and Culture. Mr. Peter is teaching Middle School aged students in Huamei School this year. He has a dream that one day everyone can see smiles from each student of his Mandarin class.
  Ruth Laney
Ruth Laney is the College Counselor for Huamei Academy at Dalian American International School. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Western Oregon University, her TESOL MA from Columbia University, Teachers College, and her M.Ed in International Counseling from Lehigh University. She has lived and worked in The Netherlands, Kenya, Cyprus, Taiwan, Poland, Ethiopia, Bangladesh and now in beautiful Dalian, China!
Ruth is so pleased to be working with the Huamei students! She appreciates the energy and potential that teenagers have for the future, and works hard to ensure a strong beginning to that future. It is her responsibility to generate report cards, oversee all scheduling for each quarter as well as in preparation for the following year, and oversee the Advisory Program. When students become juniors she works much more closely to help each student learn about American university education, and what is necessary in order to be well prepared for college admittance. She works closely with each senior to walk step by step through the university application process, until they are accepted. It is also her pleasure to help the students be prepared for how to live and be successful in the United States. She is glad to see students or their parents, at her door any time to ask for help or to have a place where they can express their joys and frustrations of the day.
    Ruth Tipei
Ruth joined the DAIS community and Huamei Academy in August 2014 as the Social Studies/Language Arts teacher. She came to Huamei from Winston-Salem where she taught middle and high school ESL for three years. After receiving a bachelor degree in Elementary Education K-8 from Lee University in 2006, she worked at an alternative school as the math and reading teacher. Pursuing her dream of teaching abroad, she accepted a fifth grade teaching position in South Korea. This experience led her to complete a Master of Education in Bilingual-Bicultural Education at DePaul University in Chicago, her hometown. Since 2011, she taught English language learners in Winston-Salem public schools. She loves learning with and from her students. She loves learning about different cultures, traveling, reading, and running.
  Samantha Harris
  Shamina Qureshi
Shamina Qureshi joined the Huamei Academy in 2012 as the history teacher. She taught ELL, English and history classes in middle schools and high schools in California. She did her undergraduate studies at Oberlin College and the University of Virginia, graduating with a B.A. in foreign affairs. She has worked with international and ELL students for over ten years and has obtained training in differentiated instruction, reading strategies, writing programs, and SDAIE. Last year, her focus was on teaching academic skills to ELL students, especially expository writing. Her travels include Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Italy, Switzerland, and France. In her free time, she enjoys reading, creative writing, traveling, eating foods from different countries, and spending time with friends and family. She is looking forward to working with her Chinese students and learning more about China’s history and culture.



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