Our Mission and Vision

The Huamei Academy at Dalian American International School provides challenging, collaborative and responsive experiences that engage learners in developing intellect, character, and health. At the Huamei Academy, every learner achieves personal excellence and contributes to the global community.

The Huamei Academy at Dalian American International School provides programs that bridge the educational experiences of both international and Chinese national students. We ensure an attractive, well-resourced, and up-to-date educational facility.

Our learning environment fosters academic excellence and enhances students’ personal development. We offer opportunities for students to collaborate, thereby developing an appreciation for diverse points of view and respect for each other as unique individuals. Our program expands student horizons and fosters in each student a better understanding of world cultures and citizenship.

Our students and graduates see themselves as global citizens who grow through challenges and are stewards of the world’s resources. They are critical thinkers who have a lifelong intrinsic motivation for learning and are prepared to enter high quality educational institutions throughout the world. Most importantly, their community recognizes them as compassionate, ethical, and inspirational.


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