The Huamei Academy at Dalian American International School
Speech Contest
Thursday, November 21, 2013

Speaking English well is an important skill that all our students should have. When they go to universities in the United States, we want them to be able to be heard and understood whenever they speak. On November 21, 2013, we recognized the rhetoric and delivery of the speeches given by our Huamei students in school Gym.

Judges for the Speech Contest were:
Laura Losch(DAIS Librarian)
Ray Ackenbom (DAIS Elementary Teacher)
Suzanne Loughran (DAIS Elementary Principal)
Terry Wolfson (DAIS Secondary International Principal)

The Winners of the Huamei Speech Contest were:

Most Humorous Speech – Mark Wang
Most Inspirational Speech – Cherry Jiang
Most Clearly Spoken Speech – Richard Fan
Most Original Speech – Natalia Jing

First Place Best Speech – Mark Wang
Second Place Best Speech – Cherry Jiang
Third Place Best Speech – Lucy Xu


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