Athletics Facility Use Calendar

The DAIS/CV soccer field and athletic facilities are Private Property, and the Management reserves the Right to determine appropriate use of all facilities, and also reserves the Right to refuse or allow any and all activity associated with the soccer field or athletic facilities.


The following Order of Precedence shall be used indetermining the usage of any of the atheletic facilities located at
Dalian American International School, The Huamei Academy, or Campus Village:
  1. DAIS Daily Usage and School Events or scheduled CV Events (regardless if it is shown on the schedule; although, we will always try and make sure it is).
  2. Scheduled Events (Group or otherwise; i.e., anything on the Atheletic Calander schedule)
  3. Walk-on Groups or individuals.

If two groups show up to use any of the athletic facilities, the Group that has followed the procedures and are shown as scheduled on the website shall prevail.


Any Group Activities or Scheduled Events that use DAIS/CV athletic facilities MUST be scheduled through our Gymnasium Coordinator, Teyla Li:; (411) 8791-5171. Group Activity is defined as group of 5 or more people who need the facility at a reserved time.

Fee Schedule:
We are establishing a fee structure for use of the soccer field and other atheletic facilities. There will be usage fees starting in January 2013 for Group Activities; we are still determining these.

Fee Rate A:
Group Activity with five or more Campus Village residents, or a combination of CV residents and DAIS Parents/Students. The facility MUST be reserved by a CV resident or DAIS teacher/parent/student, and the five CV/DAIS persons listed actually playing participating.

Fee Rate B:
Group Activity with less than five CV residents or DAIS teachers/parents/students.

A contact person MUST be provided for each reservation, if it is not the person making the reservation. The contact person must submit the names of all individuals participating. If a person is not on the list, and they are not a CV resident, they may not be allowed through the gates. If the participants are arriving in individual cars, their license plate number must be submitted with the participant list. Cars for non-CV residents MUST enter through the South Gate and park on the West side of the soccer field; they will not be allowed to enter the CV residential area to park. The list of participants and their cars must be submitted at the latest by 3 p.m. the day before the event. If the event is on a Sunday, the list must be submitted by 3 p.m. the Friday before the event.

Any/all of the above is subject to change as our procedures mature.


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