Learning Innovation Program Comes to DAIS 2016-2017

In an effort to enhance students’ 21st Century skills of critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration, beginning with the 2016-2017 school year, I am pleased to announce DAIS will implement a Learning Innovation Program to further integrate technology into curriculum, instruction and assessment practices that promote real world applications.

What will it look like at the Secondary School Level?

In grades 6-12, students will participate in what is called a Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) classroom. A BYOT classroom incorporates the use of such items as laptops, iPads, tablets, Smart phones, or other devices with browsing capacity for educational purposes only. DAIS secondary students will be expected to bring to school each day their own personal laptop that meets the school expectations detailed below.

What will it look like at the Elementary School Level?

In grades PreK-5, tablets will be provided in each classroom by the school at a ratio of one tablet per two students (2:1).

Expectations for Technology Use

The challenges associated with inappropriate technology use by our students also provide opportunities to nurture ethical and socially responsible digital citizens. Use of devices is subject to the DAIS/Huamei Academy Internet Safety Policy as written in the Parent/Student Handbook as well as other guidelines and protocols that are being established by the school.

Infrastructure Upgrades and Teacher Professional Development

In order to support the Learning Innovation Program, our school’s bandwidth has been increased five-fold. New access points will also be installed this summer. In addition, teachers will continue to be provided professional learning opportunities, classroom management strategies and support throughout the year.

DAIS BYOT Laptop Specifications 2016-2017

DAIS BYOT Student Parent Agreement 2016-2017

DAIS Students' Technology Rights and Responsibilities 2016-2017


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